I’m reaching my goals

I have been taking the BMR Commander Go Pack for 5 weeks now and the results have been nothing but amazing. I have already lost 15 pounds and working on losing another 15 pounds. The BMR Commander Go Pack has boosted my energy and focus to levels I never thought possible. I know that I can count on the BMR Commander Go Pack to help me reach my goal!

—Jerome F., Nashville, TN

No more junk food cravings!!

I have never been skinny by any means, and I’ve always been bad about eating junk food.  I mean I was raised in a household where seconds and thirds at dinnertime were a normal thing.  I decided to give the BMR Bliss Go Pack a try and have loved the amazing appetite control from it.  I have actually noticed my clothes starting to fit looser, and my mood is getting better too.  The BMR Bliss Go Pack has helped me drop a total of 7 pounds in less than three weeks.  Since using the BMR Bliss Go Pack I have been able to be satisfied with smaller portion sizes in my meals, which is great!  My husband is even acting a lot different around me; I guess he approves of my newfound success, haha.  I’m excited to see what my future weight loss total will be on the BMR Bliss Go Pack!

—Jenn S., Omaha, NE