Feeling sexy again ;)

Cooking and eating are basically what my huge Italian family is great at.  My husband always wants fresh baked dishes with plenty of pasta and sauce.  I usually don’t have issues keeping away from this, but the last few winter months were tough on me.  I had gained more than thirty pounds and have been extremely depressed with my lack of willpower.  I had heard from my friends at the market that the BMR Bliss Go Pack was helping them with burning fat and giving energy.  I decided to try it out for a month, and here I am two months later having lost sixteen of those pounds! I feel a lot lighter on my feet and even sexier around my man.

—Tania A., Memphis, TN

Boost in my sports performance/energy!

I am a current college athlete and for me to be able to keep my scholarship for wrestling I have to be able to wrestle at 165 but when I came into season I was 15 pounds overweight and our 1st meet was 3 weeks away. I had been dieting and practicing 4 hours a day but I couldn’t get the weight off. I started using the BMR Commander Go Pack and I was able to make weight within just 1 week of using it. The BMR Commander Go Pack gives me the energy to bust it in practice and burn off the weight I need to wrestle.

—Jason R., Albuquerque, NM

All day energy

I started taking the BMR Bliss Go Pack a little over a month ago. My sister told me about it after it helped her lose a good amount of weight in a short period of time. I have been very pleased with the product because of the energy it gives me throughout the day as well as the appetite control. I used to be horrible about snacking and eating huge meals when I got home from work because I was so hungry. With the BMR Bliss Go Pack I don’t feel that hunger and can control my diet and meals. I have so much energy that I am excited to get to the gym after work and I feel like I get a great work out in with all the energy I have to burn off! I have lost about 17 pounds already in just the first month!

—Dani V., Springfield, MO

energy to play with my kids

As I started getting older I could tell I was losing energy and staying in shape was getting harder and harder for me. I decided to try the BMR Commander Go Pack. I couldn’t be happier with the results I have gotten from it! I have lost 10 pounds and with the great energy I get from the BMR Commander Go Pack I have been able to go to the gym more often and still have energy to play with my kids. I definitely recommend giving the BMR Commander Go Pack a try!

—Mike E., Bakersfield, CA