don’t crave sweets anymore

After gaining 15 pounds over the holidays I decided to give the BMR Commander Go Pack a shot. After the first month I have lost my initial 15 and then some. I’m down 18 pounds and have decided to keep going with my goal. The BMR Commander Go Pack has made dieting a breeze. I never crave all the sweets like I use to. I plan on using the BMR Commander Go Pack for a long time now and highly recommend it to all of my friends.

—Jeff Z., Tulsa, OK

Highly recommend it!

I started taking the BMR Bliss Go Pack the second I heard about it! I absolutely love it! I feel so happy and energetic during the day and I feel so ready to get a good work out in during the evenings. I feel so much less hungry so it is easier for me to follow my diet. I have lost 15 pounds already and am in the process of toning up in the gym. I have told most of my family and friends about the BMR Bliss Go Pack and would recommend it to anyone looking for a little help to get in shape!

—Jodi F., Albany, NY