past athlete weight gain relief

I always played sports growing up.  I ate whatever I wanted because it would just get burnt off anyways.  Well, after the sports stopped, my eating did not.  In 1 year I put on about 30 pounds. I didn’t even notice until I recently saw myself in the family picture.  I needed to change something and then I heard on the radio about the BMR Commander Go Pack.  I picked it up a few weeks back and could not be happier!  I have lost 22 pounds in about 5 weeks.  It destroys any cravings I used to get throughout the day and gives me energy that keeps me going through school and work.  I love how it also helps me focus when I need to really buckle down and get something done.  My family can already see the changes and now a few of them are using it now, too.

—Brian D., Modesto, CA

Weight loss shock in time for summer

I’ve loved the new BMR Bliss Go Pack since I’ve been on it!  I’ve been using the BMR Bliss Go Pack for about a month now and am down 13 pounds and two belt sizes.  It’s amazing, I actually have the desire to get up in the morning and exercise.  My family has noticed me energized since using the BMR Bliss Go Pack and are all being very supportive, I truly am grateful for everything about it!  My goal is to keep cutting weight during the next few months while using the BMR Bliss Go Pack in preparation for a huge annual family trip in the summer, so I can shock everyone!  I can’t wait!

—Julie H., O’Fallon, MO

Very Satisfied!

The BMR Bliss Go Pack has done wonders for me! I have successfully lost over 20 pounds on the BMR Bliss Go Pack. I have really been able to overcome obstacles in losing weight and having the energy to keep me going. I never thought when I started taking the BMR Bliss Go Pack that I would lose this much weight so quickly. I am very satisfied with the results.

—Donna C., Corpus Christi, TX

Bikini & beach ready

My friends and I are going on a trip to Cancun this next week and are all using the BMR Bliss Go Pack.  We all love the energy and appetite suppression, and the fact that it’s bringing off the pounds.  I have to be absolutely the best shape for this trip, and I have gotten great results so far on the BMR Bliss Go Pack.  Lets just say I’m looking a lot better in my bikini and have been getting a lot of compliments from the guys at school.  I think I’ve dropped about five pounds two weeks on the BMR Bliss Go Pack so far.

—Lisa G., Nashville, TN