Down 18 lbs in 1 month

After starting a new job and buying a new house the last thing on my mind was my diet.  After all the “new” parts of my life became not so new, I realized I had let myself go in the process.  I was always in shape growing up but I needed an extra push.  I heard about the BMR Commander Go Pack on the radio, so I thought why not.  Well, I could not be happier with that decision!  In the first month I am down 18 pounds already.  This is so fast and so easy.  It kills any sweet or salty craving I get so staying on track is simple. I love the BMR Commander Go Pack and how it has helped me so far and will continue to help me in the future!

—Alex M., Charleston, NC

Avoid food cravings at work

Working in a bakery for 9 hours a day isn’t the most ideal job for losing weight.  I have also been heavy set for as long as I can remember.  I started to use the BMR Bliss Go Pack a month ago and have lost a lot of weight, exactly 14 pounds.  I have been able to quit drinking soda and eating late, because I am not really hungry on the BMR Bliss Go Pack.  It was able to keep me moving fast and focused throughout my days cooking up all the yummy treats.  I really love my job, and now am happy to withhold from the desire of eating all the wrong foods.  The BMR Bliss Go Pack has done wonders for me personally and I would highly recommend for anyone looking to really change their life!

—Christine E., Murfreesboro TN

goodbye fast food convenience

I am constantly on the go.  I either work or am taking my kids to their sporting events. I was living on whatever was convenient and it had started to show. I no longer wanted to be the guy who had to joke about my own weight just so others wouldn’t have a chance to poke fun at me.  I was listening to the radio and heard about the BMR Commander Go Pack. In the first month I have already dropped 20 pounds. I no longer am eating what is convenient because I just do not crave anything anymore.  It makes my days go by with ease and I am not dead tired by the end of the workday and dragging myself to pick up my kids but actually the one getting them moving!  And then when I am done for the day the BMR Commander Go Pack helps me fall asleep at night and it helps me wake up with better energy the next day!

—Mike S., St. Louis, MO

Appetite Control

After using the BMR Bliss Go Pack the past few weeks I have noticed a significant difference in energy in my day and the control I have now on my appetite. The BMR Bliss Go Pack has really helped me to balance everything in my life and I’m down 7 pounds without even trying. I’m not worried about losing weight, but love the way I am feeling from the entire BMR Bliss Go Pack and how it is making me feel.

—Ali R., Madison, WI

down 15 lbs in 3 wks

Recently I have fallen off the exercise wagon and became sedentary; before I knew it I put on 30 pounds. I was listening to the radio and heard about the BMR Commander Go Pack so I went and picked it up. I could not be happier. In just 3 weeks I have already dropped 15 pounds. My food cravings are non-existent and my energy levels are amazing. Not to mention the focus and mental clarity is perfect for doing reports all day. The BMR Commander Go Pack is definitely something I will keep on using to reach my goal and will recommend anyone with a fat loss goal!

—Dan M.,Chesterfield, MO