lost my cravings

Now that the holiday are over I noticed that it is time to start getting in shape. The 4th of July is never very kind to my waistline, all the uncontrollable snacking, drinking and summer deserts wreaked havoc on my body and now I am paying the price. I needed something to give me more energy and get me back in the gym. The BMR Commander Go Pack has allowed me to lose 10 pounds already in just 3 short weeks!   The BMR Commander Go Pack has done exactly that and more. While taking the BMR Commander Go Pack I have lost my cravings for those sweet and salty snacks and I have also had an enormous increase in energy. For once, I am looking forward to pool season and I have the BMR Commander Go Pack to thank!

—Chris L., Clearwater, FL

get in shape for summer

I am in pretty good shape and really didn’t have much to lose, but I was looking for something to help me shed a couple pounds and get me ready for summer.  I heard about the BMR Commander Go Pack from a guy that I work with, and I decided that I would try it.  I could not believe how quickly the BMR Commander Go Pack worked for me!  In just 4 weeks I am already down the 12 pounds I was trying to lose and was right where I wanted to be for summer.  It destroyed any cravings I had and gave me smooth long lasting energy to get through my day.  The BMR Commander Go Pack will work for you!

—Josh R., Chicago, IL

losing weight like it’s my job

I had failed with my New Years Resolution the first two months and actually put on a few more pounds.  So as summer started to roll around I decided it was time to try again. It is hard for me to drop weight because all I do is sit at a desk.  Well since picking up the BMR Commander Go Pack I went from 246 to 213!  It has completely eliminated my appetite and keeps me going all day even though I sit around.  It has been keeping me on task more.  The best part is this is just from dieting alone on it I have not even begun to workout yet!  The best part is that people are starting to notice, because they are all asking if I am losing weight … I love it!  The BMR Commander Go Pack is something I will continue to recommend to all my friend and family!

—Terry H., Cincinnati, OH

love this stuff

Growing up I could eat anything and it would never affect me.  As time went on that was not the case, and that is when I realized a change needed to be made.  I heard about the BMR Bliss Go Pack on the radio and went to check it out.  After just 4 weeks, I am already down 13 pounds and I feel amazing.  It crushes my appetite and the energy it gives me lasts me all day.  It is smooth and dialed in so I can focus on task.   I love the BMR Bliss Go Pack and what it has done for me so far!

—Jessica S., Sacramento, CA

Down 85 POUNDS!

Being a carpenter I never would have the drive to stick to a meal plan.  Well, I picked up the BMR Commander Go Pack and all of that has changed!  In just 6 months I have already dropped 85 pounds! It kills my cravings that I used to get all the time and gives me the energy to get through my long days.  All of my friends are asking what I did, and I have the BMR Commander Go Pack to thank for that!

—Brian B., Brentwood, MO

tired of being overweight

Being overweight was something I thought I was just going to have to live with. I had tried just about everything out there nothing was really working for me.  I gave the BMR Commander Go Pack a try with not much confidence in getting results. Boy was I wrong!  In just 5 weeks I am already down 13 pounds!  The BMR Commander Go pack is like nothing I have ever tried before!  The way it crushed cravings really got me hooked along with the amazing energy that lasts me all day.  I now feel I can get back in shape and I am confident that the BMR Commander Go Pack will help me along the way.

—Dale S., Henderson, NV

decrease in my appetite

I work long days and my schedule is always changing. That made it hard to follow a diet and exercise program. I could tell that was causing me to have low energy levels. Without really trying, I’ve already lost 7 pounds in just 2 weeks, and since then I made the goal to lose 10 more.  I heard about the BMR Bliss Go Pack from a friend so I gave it a try. Right away I noticed a huge decrease in my appetite!  I now have the energy and drive to work out and actually watch what I eat. I am very happy I tried the BMR Bliss Go Pack!

—Tiffany R., Nashville, TN


I have been taking the BMR Bliss Go Pack for only 65 days and I am already down 27 pounds! It crushes all my cravings I used to get.  I am happier than I have been in years, way more confident, and tons more energy. I recommend the BMR Bliss Go Pack to anyone who seriously wants to lose weight. While it is not a miracle pill, I consider it mine. I find I am more focused at work and still have enough energy to workout when I get home. My goal is to lose 90 pounds and I still have a long way to go however with the BMR Bliss Go Pack I am confident I can get there!

—Lauren M., Peoria, IL


My job requires me to be on my feet all day and I work long 10-12 hour days, by the time the work day is over all I want to do is grab something convenient to eat and go home and sleep. After years of living this way it has finally caught up with me and I was looking at pictures of myself from the holidays and I realized what I had become. After just 5 weeks of taking the BMR Bliss Go Pack I have lost 14 pounds and I feel incredible! I have so much energy now days and I feel as healthy as I ever have. I love the success I have seen from the BMR Bliss Go Pack and I’d recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight or needing more energy, you won’t be disappointed!

—Rebecca C., Cincinnati, OH