motivated to workout

I was going out with friends all the time and eventually my life style had caught up with me.  I had put on 30 pounds and did not like what I saw in the mirror.   I heard about the BMR Bliss Go Pack so I checked it out.  In just 14 days I am already down 9 pounds.  I love the way it crushes my appetite and the energy I get from it is amazing.  It lasts me all day and keeps me motivated to workout.  The BMR Bliss Go Pack is something that any woman trying to lose body fat should look into!

—Patti T., Houston TX


I started working out and eating healthier at the beginning of the year and started to lose a little weight. But I wasn’t getting the results I felt I should be getting for the amount of effort I was putting in. So I decided to try the BMR Commander Go Pack after my brother recommended it to me.  In just 3 weeks I am already down 13 pounds and 2 pant sizes!  It destroys my cravings and gives me that extra kick of energy! I highly recommend the BMR Commander Go Pack if you are looking to get results fast!

—Brian O., Dearborn, MI

down 20 pounds already!

I was always the big one out of my friends.  I was not happy with where I was at so I picked up the BMR Commander Go Pack and it has changed everything.  In just 5 weeks I am already down over 20 pounds.  It has crushed any cravings that I have so sticking to my meal plan is no problem at all.  Before, I would crash around 2 PM … but not with the BMR Commander Go Pack!  It keeps me going all day and feeling great!  The BMR Commander Go Pack is something anyone trying to lose some body fat should pick up!

—Brian R., Saint Louis, MO

living healthier for my kids

Being a mom of three kids under 9 can make for a busy life. I used to snack all the time, but I decided I needed to live a healthier life for my kids. So I started counting calories and exercising regularly, but I still had the overwhelming cravings. So a friend suggested I start taking BMR Bliss Go Pack. In just 3 months I have dropped 55 pounds.  Not only did it get rid of my cravings, but also it gives me the energy I need to keep up with kids and exercise. I’m still losing weight and could not be happier.  I love my BMR Bliss Go Pack.

—Anna L., St Louis, MO

Losin the fat

Working 2 jobs makes it hard for me to get motivated to workout. It also makes it hard to diet properly. I started taking the BMR Bliss Go Pack after a friend told me I should try it out. In just 2 weeks I am already down 13 pounds!  I noticed that I wasn’t as hungry as I typically was. My energy levels were up and the workday went a lot faster. Also, It really helped me at night when I am stressed the most.  It calmed me down and helped me sleep soundly.  The BMR Bliss Go Pack has given me the motivation to start working out again and I would recommend it to anyone looking to lose some fat!

—Amanda H., Murfreesboro, TN

avoid treats at work

I sit a desk all day in an office and I am surrounded by all different kinds of treats and snacks. That combo led me to putting on an unwanted 30 pounds. The office I work at has a weight loss challenge every year and for the first time ever I needed to participate.  I picked up the BMR Commander Go Pack after hearing it on the radio and I couldn’t be happier!  I am already down 15 pounds in just 4 weeks.  I no longer crave the snacks at work and it gives me the perfect amount of energy to get through my day. The BMR Commander Go Pack is the answer if you want to see results!

—Joe A., St. Paul, MN