way better than expected!

I am in college and between studying and working full time I had made no time for the gym.  After 2 years of this I had put on about 30 pounds.  I kept hearing about the BMR Commander Go Pack and I picked it up to give it a go.  The results are way more than even I expected.  In just 3 weeks I am down 12 pounds!  It has crushed my cravings, which is something I have always struggled with, and it has helped me focus better on my schoolwork while I do it, giving me more time to do things for myself!  The energy it gives me lasts all day in class and then while I am at work as well.  The BMR Commander Go Pack is something anyone trying to drop body fat should absolutely pick up!

—Nick H., Memphis, TN

i recommend it

Since turning 40 nothing I did would work.  I felt like I was constantly gaining weight.  I had put on 20 pounds in just 1 year.  I ordered the BMR Bliss Go Pack and it has changed everything!  In only one month I am already down 15 pounds.   I almost have to remind myself to eat it crushes my appetite so much.  And the energy I get from it wakes me up and gets me going for my day!  The BMR Bliss Go Pack is something I would recommend to anyone trying to get an edge for some body fat loss!

-Breanna M., Kansas City, MO

Sticking to my diet

I made a goal for myself to do 5 half marathons in the year 2013.  I knew it would be tough because I had some weight to lose.  I kept hearing about the BMR Bliss Go Pack on the radio so I though I would give it a go to help me out.  I have not been disappointed!   I am already down 11 pounds in only 3 weeks.  I cannot believe how it eliminates my cravings.  It makes staying on a diet so much easier and the energy it gives me is perfect and lasts all day.  The BMR Bliss Go Pack is something I know will help me reach my goals!

—Katie E., Phoenix, AZ