I could tell the appetite control was going to help me

I wanted to lose a little extra weight that had been bothering me. The first time I took the Bliss Go Pack I immediately noticed a boost in my energy levels and from day one I could tell the appetite control was going to help me.  After taking the Bliss Go Pack for 2 weeks, my jeans were fitting better and I felt amazing.  Now after only 1 month on the Bliss Go Pack I’m already down 12 pounds.

-Shelly H., San Jose, CA

I lost 30 pounds

I’ve been a nurse for about 10 years now.   As most nurses know it is tough to find and keep a schedule when you work extremely long shifts.  My sleeping patterns are never consistent and it is tough to get going sometimes. One of my coworkers let me try his Commander Go Pack before one of my shifts because I was so tired.  Oh my gosh it was the best shift I ever had and was actually very enjoyable to talk to patients. I got my own Commander Go Pack and haven’t had a bad shift since. I have been using it for about 5 months and I lost 30 pounds. I have the energy to work as well as workout while not on the clock. The Commander Go Pack consistently gives me energy and helps me lose weight.

-Eddie B., St. Paul, MN

I lost 22 pounds and I feel amazing!

With warmer weather coming and a summer vacation to Florida planned I wanted an extra boost to help me get started loosing some weight.  I started taking the Bliss Go Pack and after only 8 weeks I lost 22 pounds and I feel amazing! The Bliss Go Pack gives me energy to get through my workouts after longs days with my 2 kids and keeps me on track all day avoiding the snacks.  Not only do I eat better but also I feel great on the Bliss Go Pack.

-Lauren P., Manchester, MO

I lost 108 pounds in 13 months

I have been using the Commander Go Pack for a while now and it has yet to stop impressing me. I have already lost 100 pounds with the Commander Go Pack, well, add another 8 pounds to the total. I lost 108 pounds in 13 months with the Commander Go Pack. People have been asking how I have done it, and I owe a lot of the results to the product and the things it helps me do. It kills my cravings and when I work night shift, it keeps me up and on my toes all night with enough energy to still hit the gym before going home.  I have hightly recommended the Commander Go Pack to many people and will continue to do so.

-Mike M., Jacksonville, FL